Every website will need an address to be found. This is called the domain. It is essentials for your business to hav e an easy to remember domain name. The best domain names are short, since longer names are more common to be misspelled, leading to customers not able to reach your website. We suggest you choose a domain name that matches your company name, a short version of the company name or a domain name that is purposed on the products or services that you sell. At CheapWebdesign you are able to buy domain names with various extentions.





The most common domain name is .com. The name stands for commercial, hence the wide usage of the TLD. For internet related companies the .net TLD might be more interesting. The .org is used for non-profit organisations worldwide. Wikipedia.org is a great example.





Are you looking to have a domain name based on your regional presence? For every country and continent there are domain names to be used. The .eu TLD is for European Citizens and businesses and .pt for Portuguese only. For a list with all regional TLDs and their requirement: click here.





Over the last years many additional TLDs have been released. These are all reflections of objects, occupations and sectors. The list is enormous, for a full view of available TLDs: click here.