Online Ads the effective way

Your profit is our goal

We measure the success of our PPC campaigns on your actual ROI. Not your ROI on ad spendings. This transparant approach suits our desire to establish long-term relationships.

More Leads at reduced cost

Our PPC strategies aim to improve the amount of leads/ store visits/ sales while reducing your costs on advertising spendings.

Flat Management Fees

With a fixed management fee, our goals are aligned with yours, so you can relax knowing that we’re making suggestions to make you more money, not us.

Actual human PPC Management

Did you know that many agencies selling PPC management simply put your campaigns in a PPC management tool and “let the tool do the work”?

Our Digital Ads Pricing

One flat fee for your Ads management, Why? Because if we charge a percentage of ad spend, our goal would be to maximize your ad spend rather than your profit, even if it doesn’t make sense to increase your ad spend!


/ month

Frequently asked questions

Although every campaign is different, here’s an indication of how we’ll typically approach a new PPC campaign.

We’ll start with keyword and market research, looking at the phrases your competitors are targeting and running our own analysis of your website. We’ll research your market and dig through any previous campaigns you have run.

Next, we’ll begin mapping out the target pages and services that we want the PPC to focus on. We’ll collect information such as your unique selling points and stand-out statements that we can use in the ads to catch your target customer’s eye.

When it’s time to set up the ads, we use an optimised campaign structure to maximise ad quality score (reducing your costs) and clearly segregating data. To begin with, the campaign will be targeting our “best estimate” audience. As we start seeing the data come in about who is clicking and converting (turning into leads or sales), we then begin refining the campaign by boosting the profitable areas and minimising the unprofitable ones.

Because we track and measure against conversions (i.e. leads or sales), we always know your Cost Per Acquisition (in other words, how much it costs to generate each lead or sale) and work to reduce this over time by testing ad copy, headlines, refining keyword targeting and adding negatives, testing extensions, monitoring landing page performance and making recommendations about how to improve conversion rate.

Due to Google’s market share, we tend to focus on Google’s PPC products (Ads, Shopping, Remarketing), although we do also work with Bing (Bing ads, Bing Shopping), where CPCs can be considerably lower.

Google Ads
The gold standard of PPC, Google Ads has seen its fair share of changes over the years. Competition is fierce, so we keep our PPC team at the top of their game by scheduling in weekly training and bringing in outside experts to share their knowledge and review campaigns.

Google Shopping
For eCommerce, Google Shopping can be a powerful traffic channel. Get your products featured with images, product information and pricing — right at the moment a searcher is looking for them. We handle the whole process; from uploading your product feed to the campaign management and profit optimisation.

A returning visitor is 43% more likely to convert on your website than a new one. Our Remarketing service brings unsold visitors back to your site by following them around the Internet, showing them ads until they’re ready to come back and buy. We handle everything from banner design to placement management.