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How to rank #1 in Google

On the off chance that you maintain a business, you’ll most likely want to show up at the first rankings of Google when individuals look for specific keywords.

For instance, in case you’re a painter in Lisbon, you should show up when individuals look for “painter close to me” or “Lisbon painter.” Most individuals click the main search outcome, so showing up at the top typically implies more traffic, leads, clients and revenue. So how precisely do you get shown on top above the opposition? How does search engine positioning work? See the below flowchart for more insights.

How to rank on Google

Now that you have seen the four main topics that matter when trying to reach the first place in a Google search, we are going to breakdown step-by-step into these categories. So, what you will learn in this article?

  • Instructions to get to the top of Google with paid promotions
  • How to get rank #1 in Google with local SEO
  • The most effective method to rank #1 in Google with the featured snippet
  • How to rank on top of Google searches with SEO

Instructions to get to the top of Google with paid promotions

In the event that advertisements are what you see at the head of the outcomes for your targeted keyword, the best way to show up directly at the head of Google will be to pay for promotions.

How? Simply pursue a Google advertisements account and run a search campaign via their own platform.

Google search advertisements take a shot at a compensation for every click made, a so called Pay Per Click (PPC) model. That implies you offer on the keyword that you need to appear for in the Google search results. In case you’re a painter in Lisbon, you can offer on catchphrases like “painter in Lisbon” and “painter close to me”. First you will have to choose what the goal of your advertising campaign will be, you can choose between:

  • Getting more calls
  • Get more sales or sign-ups via your website
  • Get more visitors to your physical store location.

Google Ads Campaign Goals

After you have have set your goal, you can include the geographic focus as well, so you won’t promote people that live where your business doesn’t work. As you can see in the picture below, the Lisbon example will have a reach of almost 5 million people per month.

Google PPC Reach in Lisbon

Simply realize that offerings on a keyword (or long-tail keywords) doesn’t imply that you’ll appear at the head of the SERP. Your competitors might be eager to pay more for a click, so there’s an opportunity you’ll show up below them or that your advertisement will not show up at all. If you are unsure how much to spend on PPC advertising, or you want professional guidance, you can make use of expert advertising companies, like NP Digital.

As some sectors and niches have, regarding the use of Googles advertising, a higher rate of competition than others, you will have to experiment on the outcome and pricing of the PPC campaigns. Lets see the difference between the keywords: “cheapest hosting services” and “best cloud services”. Can you spot the contrast and where do you think you will be paying more to get on the top spot of the Google SERP?

SERP for different PPC campaigns

As you can see, the top pages in the Google search results for “cheapest hosting services” are all paid advertising, while for the keyword “Best cloud services” the bottom two results are paid for. How can this be?

This all has to do with the search intent, the reason for what the user is looking for. As you can see, the first keyword on the left is cheapest, referring very clearly to a person looking to buy something for the lowest price possible.

While the first keyword on the right is best, which might refer to someone who is looking to find more information about a service. This translates under the hood to advertisers paying less for those kind of keywords, as it resulted in a link at the bottom of the SERP.

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How to get rank #1 in Google with local SEO

On the off chance that individuals look for your keyword when searching for neighborhood organizations, you’ll frequently observe a ‘map pack’ at the head of the Google search outcomes.

In contrast to normal search results, map pack postings will bring you to the company´s Google My Business posting, instead of their site. If for example we search for webdesign, Google will first provide us with a list of local web design companies, rather than a list of websites related to the keyword.

The Google Map Pack SERP

Google My Business is a free professional reference from Google. It’s where you can list all the fundamental insights regarding your business: opening occasions, address, telephone number, site, and that’s just the beginning. It’s additionally a place where your clients can leave audits and ratings for your products and services.

On the off chance that the most relevant keywords to your business will take you to a Google’s map pack results page, and you don’t have a Google My Business posting, than this will be your main objective to start with.

Be that as it may, most companies and organizations will not have the option to rank #1 in here, just by registering for the Google My Business. Google’s point is to rank the “best,” and most reliable nearby organizations in the ‘map pack,’ so you have to utilize local SEO strategies in order to have the best potential for success of appearing in these top maps results.

The most important fundamentals for local SEO are:

  • Enhance your Google My Business posting.
  • Fabricate top notch nearby references.
  • Receive audits and reviews from clients.
  • Create backlinks to pages of importance.

The most effective method to rank #1 in Google with the featured snippet

Featured snippets are boxes that show up at the very top certain keywords. They show a short, yet significant piece of information from one of the highest ranking pages to provide the answers for the users´ search intent.

The mission of Google is to provide users with the information they are looking for. This has led to google trying to maintain visitors on their own website using featured snippets.

Google´s featured snippets example

In the event that you effectively rank on the primary page for a question with a featured snippet at the top, your changes to win that top position with a smooth touch of on-page SEO are great.

You can check your present rank in Google or with Ahrefs’ free position checker. Simply enter your keyword, location, and TLD. As can be seen in the picture below, the keyword “how to run” ranks #19 for, but they already show up in the featured snippet, meaning they will have a strong change to get the #1 search result for that keyword if they tweak their page with just a bit of SEO magic.

Keyword Rank Checker from to optimize for the #1 place in Google

From that point, as your website ranks in the main 10 (or top 20), it’s just a matter of ensuring your page is enhanced for the featured snippet a bit more.

To start with, ensure that your page really gives the data that Google needs to show in the featured snippet. This will vary a lot for different searches, as one can be looking for steps to take in order to do something, and another search query is to find the definition of a word.

This featured snippet is a numbered list

The information on your website should be optimized for the format that Google favors. For instance, in the event that someone is looking for information on “how to change a tire,” we will see the steps that person has to take in a list .While a search term for “financial crisis” is a more broad term, where Google will give the information in the form of a short paragraph.

This featured snippet is a short paragraph

How to rank on top of Google searches with SEO

On the off chance that you see standard ‘blue link’ natural search results on head of Google, your objective is to put resources into SEO. As there is nobody paying to reach the top spot, there are no local Google My Business listings on top and there is no featured snippet for this search term.

As a beginning stage, this implies focusing on SEO best practices and make sure your website has the following elements:

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Quick loading speed of the website
  • Simple to utilize (great UX, easy navigation, and so on.)
  • Secure (i.e.,make use of HTTPS instead of HTTP)
  • Website is structured
  • No technical SEO problems (i.e., elements to close to each other)

Nonetheless, prescribed procedures and enhancements will seldom be sufficient to rank in the best position. On the off chance that you have the essential elements secured, but your website is still no place to be seen, there might be improvements to be made.

Stage 1. Examine the opposition

Positioning on Google is definitely not a solitary player game. Each site positioning on the principal page is your rival. You’ll need to outperform them to get to the sweet top spot. So the main thing you have to do is check the quality of the opposition comparative with your site.

To do that, look for your keyword and investigate the quality on the main page.

In the event that we do this for the keyword “mens shorts red” the top outcomes are commanded by gigantic brands like MacysWalmartKohlsAmazon and Zalando. And also one one page from a Pinterest user, which can be explained by the domain authority that has.

General keywords are difficult to rank high in Google

Except if you’re a major brand yourself, it will be unlikely to outrank these websites in the Google searches for this keyword.

For a longer-tail keyword like “mens shorts red dotted striped,” things look more encouraging. There are a couple of lesser-known brands on the principal page there’s even a little brand positioning #1.

Cheap Website Design How to rank #1 in Google man shorts red dotted striped

On the off chance that things look troublesome at the first stage, it’s likely best to seek an alternate keyword — at any rate that you need an opportunity of positioning your website in the top search ranking within the short-to-medium term. This can be done using longer-tailed keywords.

Stage 2. Adjust your page in line with the search intent

Search intent is the explanation for a searcher’s query. For instance, when you look for “camp outdoors tips,” you’ll see that the first pages in Google are unordered lists of guides, tips and articles related to the topic.

Search intent for tips

When a user is intended to look for how to do a topic, like “how to camp outdoors”, the Google results will provide pages that offer numbered lists related to that topic. As you can see below, 10 tips, 10 essential tips and 50 things camp outdoors.

Search intent for how to

To have the best potential for success of positioning at the head of Google, you ought to make the sort of content that individuals are searching for. You can do this via looking for your objective keyword and distinguishing the three C’s of search intent:

  • Content sort: Are the highest level pages generally blog entries, item pages, item classification pages, or landing pages?
  • Content format: Are the highest level pages generally how-to guides, bit by bit instructional exercises, list posts, comparisons and reviews, or something different?
  • Content edge: Is there a predominant interesting selling proposition utilized by the highest level pages? (i.e., for starters, in 2020, and so forth.)

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Stage 3. Describe the subject from A to Z

Google needs to rank pages that spread the things searchers need to know. Yet, how would you realize what questions and subtopics Google esteems significant for this keyword?

The best beginning stage is to investigate the highest ranking pages for shared traits. For instance, the three highest ranking pages for “paleo diet” all discussion about nourishment’s to eat. That discloses to us this is presumably something a great many people looking for this watchword need to think about.

Top ranking pages cover the complete topic

You can likewise plug a couple of highest ranked pages into Ahrefs’ Content Gap system to discover keywords that are common for this suject. Simply pu the page URLs and leave the base field clear.

Find overlapping content

In the event that we do this for the three highest level pages for “paleo diet,” there are several normal catchphrases. While many are simply various methods of looking for something very similar like “paleo diet” and “paleolithic diet” there are a couple of catchphrases that speak to subtopics like “what is the paleo diet,” “paleo diet foods” and “why paleo is bad for you.”

Content Gap Tool in action

In the even you want to rank your own website for “paleo diet”, it will pay-off to make content mentioning these keywords.

Stage 4. Manufacture top notch backlinks

Backlinks are a significant variable for ranking in the Google search algorithm. Ahrefs has performed a study, in which they analyzed more than one billion pages in their Content Explorer, resulting in their find of a positive relationship among’s backlinks and natural traffic.

Relation between backlinks and organic traffic

In any case, how would you know what number of backlinks you have to rank on head of Google?

Test it out and put your keyword(s) into Ahrefs’ free SERP checker and find out what number of domains and backlinks are connected to the highest ranking pages.

SERP overview for Web Design

Simply realize that it’s not about amount. You may have the option to outrank a page with heaps of unremarkable connections with just a couple of great connections.

Stage 5. Include inside connections

Backlinks aren’t the sole attributes to support the ‘authority’ of your site page. Significant inside links to different pages on your website will make Google understand that there is more valuable information there. In the event that you’ve assembled enough great backlinks and still not rank on top of the search results, you should look for the internal linking on your website.

You can find the apposite linking opportunities by simply going to Google and look for “keyword” to discover pages on your webpage that are about that keyword.

For instance, in the event that we needed to add significant internal links to UX related topics, we will search for “ux”.

How to find internal linking opportunities

On one post there was a mention on “ux”, without an internal link to more information about the topic.

One mention of “ux” without the internal link

You can see that the post incorporates the keyword “ux”, yet it doesn’t connect to another page on the website. This is an incredible chance to add an inside connection to the blog entry.

Google Search Engine Results Page

Concluding remarks

As i have tried to explain the most important treats to rank #1 in Google, you will have to understand that there is no one-fits-all recipe to SEO. The search algorithm of Google is ever-changing and so are your competitors. Given this, it is still useful to start your SEO game with looking at how your website currently ranks, and how Google treats the important keywords. I.e., are they coming from paid advertising or is it a featured snippet? These differences will help you understand the path to choose for improvement. In backlink building, quantity matter, but don´t lose quality out of sight, as Google will punish your website when you drive many links from shady and low-quality referrals.

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